Our Tunes 

Apr 25, 2018

For those of you wondering why some of our songs have been withdrawn from online platforms, let us first apologise. It has been extremely heartwarming the number of people contacting us to ask where they have gone and it really shows us how much our songs mean to so many people from all corners of the world!

For us, these songs are our babies and we have invested a huge amount of our time and energy into writing, recording, rehearsing and playing them for you live, and we are so appreciative that some of those songs have connected with you. It is what drives us.

This last year we have been working hard writing and recording our Debut Album, and can not wait to share it with you in October.

Some of the songs that you are missing are set to be on the album, and so have been removed in preparation for re-release as singles in international markets. We have gone from being a long term unsigned DIY act who never planned anything to now having a team around us that can help our songs can reach a wider audience. As such, we plan to re-release all of the music from our EP's as a package, however this will come after our Album has been released this year!

Thank you for the continued support, we can't wait to see you all out on the road and this debut is gunna blow your minds!

And straight up: the next few singles we're releasing, you're gunna bloody luuuurve.

Lots of love, Bede, Patch, Tommy, Neely & Joe.